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Bicycle Cities is an advocacy organisation that aims to increase the number of active cyclists, through engagement with government, community, stakeholder and other interested parties. With increased education, planning, infrastructure and enforcement, Bicycle Cities will assist in the realization of  the ‘normality’ of everyday cycling in cities as a functional and safe mode of mobility. Through the medium of conferences, workshops, public engagements, events and research, Bicycle Cities will work with various stakeholders to set targets for increased cycling levels in a safe, attainable manner.

Programs will include research and planning in the following areas.

  • Developing Cycling Cities frameworks/charter
  • Economic value of cycling
  • Environmental/climate value of cycling
  • Social value of cycling/cohesion and livable cities
  • Cycling and health in the city
  • Behavioural change/making the change from cars to bicycles
  • Planning for bicycle cities/infrastructure
  • Safety and Awareness
  • City activation programs/campaigns
  • Mapping the routes/finding the missing links
  • Bicycle distribution/social mobilisation

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