Our road
to cycling

Bicycle Cities aims to facilitate cycling cities – to increase levels of cycling, understand the motivators and indicators that can realise this, and assess the benefits that result there from an increase cycling modal share. The organisation consists of a small program team and an advisory board of five to eight members, who will share ideas, information and expertise pertaining to the goal to enhance cities for cycling. This includes themes exploring social mobility, city infrastructure planning, transport policy, research into the benefits of cycling within varying communities, research into the indicators and motivators of increased cycling, alignment with organisations and projects that facilitate increased levels of cycling.


Principal consultants

Andrew Wheeldon

MSc. Sports Management (University of Leicester)

Bertrand Phillips

MSc. Transportation and Traffic (New York University)

Advisory Board

Peter Cox (University of Chester, UK) Antony Day (Energy expert, Australia) James Irlam (UCT Medical School, SA) Patrick Kayemba (FABIO, Uganda) Ze Lobo (Transporte Attivo, Brazil) Crispian Olver (Linkd South Africa) Pascal van den Noort (Velo Mondial, Netherlands) Paul Steely White (Bird Scooters USA) Gisele Xavier (UDESC, Brazil)